Okay, parents!

We all know making school lunches can be time consuming so it seems to be easier to buy sandwich items, twinkies and a bag of potato chips for each day of the week. We are all busy and have a hard time remembering to make time thinking about dinner let alone lunch. HOWEVER, the best thing you could spend your time on when you are preparing for your week or your kids’ school days is FOOD.

It’s almost necessary to take the time to think about what you and your family are going to eat for the week EVERY week. Because we all know the time when you get hungry and you decide to go pick something up at work for lunch because we didn’t plan ahead. Which is fine to do sometimes, but not every day. It is unhealthy and not to mention, costs a lot more.

Taking the time to put more thought into what we and our family’s are eating weekly can be very rewarding. We will eat healthier and feel better because we know what we are eating if we aren’t going out for lunch and dinner, also we will save more money in the long run. It may seem intimidating seeing the grocery bill for the week but the best part is that’s the grocery bill for the WEEK. Going to the store at the beginning of the week and buying food to make lunches for everyone and dinner can be great for so many reasons. My favorite part is buying items such as produce to use in several different meals. You can plan accordingly and use potatoes for lunches and dinners.

So here are some ideas for lunches to reuse food in the fridge for different meals…




Potatoes are always so versatile and we will love them no matter what form they are in!




Taking the time to learn how to de-bone a chicken can be rewarding in so many ways. You can buy a whole chicken for much less and use every single part! Freeze back the ones you’re not using for now and save money later.




Vegetables are always an important part of a meal. Buy your favorite and use it for the whole week. For example,  maybe raw carrots for lunch and cooked carrots for dinner!


We all understand the time and energy it takes to prepare and cook food. But let’s face it, we’re always going to need food. For anyone who says they can’t cook…..Yes you can! We all need food and telling yourself you’re just not good at it is an excuse. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as you like it and it works! The more you do it, the better you get and the more of a habit it becomes. Not to mention cooking doesn’t have to be a chore! Take the time you cook to also spend time with your family by getting everyone in the house involved! We can all become happier and healthier as a community when we cook and eat together!