Keeping an active lifestyle is just as important as eating healthy! You can walk, run, jump, dance, swim, or go on a bike ride! It is as easy as that! Peaches will teach us how to start living an active lifestyle!

Background Information

Eating healthy is important in order to maintain a healthy weight and prevent us from developing any health related problems, such as diabetes or heart disease to name a few. Keeping an active lifestyle and exercising is just as important in order to maintain a healthy weight. It is a global problem that most people do not prioritize fitness in their schedules and this leads to more problems down the road. Start small, but start now in order to be on the road for a healthier lifestyle!

Tips for Kids
  • Go for a bike ride after school
  • Go swimming
  • Walk your dog with your parents
  • Join a sport club
  • Do some jumping jacks before watching TV
Tips for Grownups
  • Start living a fit life! If your children see you doing it, they will start doing it too!
  • Motivate your children to exercise
  • Make time to exercise with your children, at least 2-3x a week
  • Plan fun outdoor activities to do with the family
  • Sign up your children in sport clubs to motivate them
  • Don’t let your children watch too much TV in a day
For Educators
  • Physical activity contributes to fitness, health, and mental-emotional benefits
  • Specific benefits are associated with selected physical activities
  • There are key benefits of physical activities at various life stages

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