Apples, Bananas, and Carrots are all healthy fruits and veggies! Eating healthy shouldn’t be boring, we can make it fun and delicious! Healthy food helps us stay strong and healthy! Berry will teach us how to start making healthier food choices and how to have a healthier lifestyle.

Background Information

Building healthy habits at a young age will help to continue these habits throughout life. Healthy eating is important for a child to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of developing weight-related medical problems such as diabetes or heart problems. Parents should encourage and motivate their children to eat healthy. Research has demonstrated that age 3-5 is a pivotal age and if a child is obese between the ages of 3-5, then they are eight times more likely to be obese in their adulthood. In addition, after five years of age, a habit is already developed. It is never too early to start eating healthy.

Tips for Kids
  • Know what you’re eating!
  • Ask your parents to help you eat more healthy
  • If you don’t know if it’s healthy, ask a grown-up
  • Eat your favorite fruits and veggies
  • Healthy food portions is important
Tips for Grownups
  • Teach your children by example on how to make healthy choices
  • Teach your children which are healthy choices
  • Care about what your child eats!
  • Teach your child how to balance their portions
  • Make healthy food more available at home
  • Know your child’s favorite fruits and vegetables and make it available for them
  • If your child does not like eating vegetables, it’s okay, stay persistent and don’t give up! Many kids are slow to learn to like vegetables.
  • Offer vegetables to your child as often as possible, eventually they will ask for them on their own.
  • Have your child help you cook at times, this will help them grow awareness on food content and portions.
For Educators
  • Give them food for thought – Veggies and Fruits
  • Talk about sugars and how much is in a soda
  • Rethink their drinks
  • Show where healthy food comes from
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Nutrition label know-how
  • Talk about portion sizes

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