What’s the Connection Between COVID-19 and Tobacco Use?COVID-19 is an infection that aggressively attacks the lungs.Smoking and vaping harms the lungs, leaving it susceptible to COVID-19.Here’s How: Smoking and vaping can damage cells that line the airway. These cells contain “cilia,” our essential defenders against viruses like COVID-19. Without them working properly, the lungs are more vulnerable.Learn more from the American Lung Association by visiting: “What You Need to Know About Smoking, Vaping and COVID-19”The Risk:According to the CDC, smokers are at a higher risk for severe illness if they get COVID-19.Smoking and vaping can:Make it harder for your lungs to fight COVID-19.Harm your immune system.Make you more vulnerable to severe symptoms if you do get COVID-19.In addition to taking steps to avoid getting COVID-19, it’s important to do all you can to keep your lungs healthy to avoid the worst effects of the disease.