Hi everyone! We want to reach out to you and hope that you are safe. This pandemic will hopefully be over soon and we can go back to what we were doing before. We know this is a difficult time in everyone’s lives. The teachers are doing a amazing job with our kids teaching from home. Thank you to all the medical staff and doctors for working tirelessly to all that is sick. Thank you to everyone that has stepped up to help others out and especially to the ones that have helped our elderly and homeless people. Thank you to our restaurants that are offering food to us curbside or pick up and for selling food that we may not have gotten at our grocery stores. Thank you to all that keeps our grocery stores stocked during this time. Thank you to all the truck drivers that are working non stop to get our necessities to us. Thank you to the churches that we can still attend their services on line. At this time enjoy your families and make new memories with them. Have a wonderful day and be safe everyone!