a gallon of water a day

This summer is gonna be HOT! This means one thing and one thing only…..WATER! You always need to hydrate in any case but the summer heat is going to be sweaty. Anytime you sweat you need to replenish it with more water. When you’re taking a break from playing be sure to grab a cup of water and hydrate along with any summer drinks such as juice or lemonade.

Sodas are not healthy , especially when you need to re-hydrate. Sodas contain heaping amounts of sugar that your body doesn’t need. Too much sugar isn’t good for your body. Therefore, drinking sodas when you’re outside in the summer heat will hurt your body more than help. Always choose water. And after you’re hydrated, try drinks that contain less sugar and high fructose corn syrup such as juice or lemonade.

Disclaimer: A lot of kids are used to drinking sodas everyday. This does not mean you can never drink sodas ever again. It just means they are very unhealthy. Their unhealthy effects will worsen this summer if you are not properly hydrated. So stay hydrated and keep playing!